Melanie Gann, Creative Director

A Talented Team - enjoying teamwork

As an art major turned programmer, Melanie is comfortable with one foot in the technical camp and the other in the artistic camp. In fact, she likes to spend time in both, as this gives her a unique perspective when designing and underscores the Second Street philosophy that form and function must find an easy marriage.

Melanie Gann, Creative Director Her career also included many years of requirements analysis and user interface design. Her build from the "outside-in" approach ensures that she translates for the user what he can expect to see and how he can anticipate it to work. This approach ensures changes are made while less complex to accommodate, before heavy investment is made in more complicated code. This assures a timely finish to the project, while keeping it within budget.

She and our database designer (Kathy Chisefsky), collaborate easily and fluidly - merging "outside-in" and the "inside-out" perspectives.

"Once we figure out what needs to be built, simplification and ease of use are our number one priorities," says Melanie, "People are constantly on technical and information overload and we understand and strive for keeping things simple."

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