How we work

First we listen. Our initial consultation of up to 2 hours is free of charge. Our clients almost always have a vision of where they want to go with a website; our job is to understand it and help clarify requirements.

We propose an approach. You never get a canned proposal from Second Street Web. Our proposals reiterate what we heard and are customized to your solution. We identify design objectives and technical recommendations. We are firm believers in the measure twice cut once philosophy. There may be iterations in reaching the final work definition.

We prototype. The client sees a mockup and approves the design. If the site includes forms that support a business, these are prototyped and reviewed with the client prior to the start of advanced programming and database work begins. We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words and that clients cannot actually envision how a form integrates with how their work flows, until they see it prototyped. This is another time and cost savings approach to our measure twice cut once philosophy.

We develop & report. Full website development begins. As development progresses, the site is always accessible online to the client. There is never a question of where we stand; it is always visible.

We take it live! We can manage and arrange hosting, handle the cutover to a new site, and train you or your staff in continued site maintenance. Whether your site is new, or you are migrating from an existing site, the transition will be smooth.

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