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While we have always been happy with the graphic design sense that Second Street brings, it is their technical depth and background that has been fundamental to our web site success. It is never - just building a web site - it is having a technical problem solver on our team. They listen, facilitate "group grope", and problem solve. They build our collaborative work sites for international teams. Often we need to consider very low bandwidth telecommunication infrastructures, and how to make it all work.

Lynne Gallagher,
Telecom/Telematique Inc.

T/TI: Oil Training & ICT Training

Strength in Telecommunications & portal development

The technology backbone of Second Street was formed through our experience in engineering telecommunications networks. We share that background with our partners at Telecom / Telematique Inc (T/TI). On two projects, we bring technology education to two different sectors in Iraq. In a time of conflict, T/TI sought to use the power of the internet to deliver training in technology to a nation where little technology had been delivered for 30 years. As a workplace for here and there, both websites serve as a vehicle for planning, scheduling, archiving, and executing technology training programs.

Distance Learning for the Women of Iraq.

www.iraqICT.com Information Communication Technology (ICT) is a broad term that encompasses: the underlying communications technology, the computer environment, and website creation. As such, there was a great deal of technology subject matter organize - and a tremendous amount of material for students to learn. To the novice student - like drinking water from a fire hose.

Challenges and objectives. The focus of this project was to bring training in ICT technologies to the women of Iraq. The website was purposed to achieve the following:

  • Structure a Curriculum that could be arranged around job function, and create an educational model that could be structured according to levels of education and training.
  • Solicit Partners via website substance and grit to secure donations of equipment and training materials.
  • Secure a Portal to insure a secured work area for collaboration and document sharing.
  • Provide Status to the project sponsor - the Trade Development Agency (TDA).
Second Street developed all portal and database functions and was key in developing the educational model and the curriculum. www.iraqoiltraining.com

Iraq Oil & Gas Training.

With the IraqICT project as a starting point, the Iraq Oil & Gas Training Program advanced the collaboration tools by including:

  • Enhanced Portal Security with permission levels allowing access based on the type of project role. For example, teachers can see all information on all students in their classes and students can see all documents for their classes.
  • Course Surveys enabled worldwide survey responses and automated reporting.

Skills that spelled success

  • Ability to conceptualize and work independently with broadbrush direction
  • In-depth understanding of all ICT technologies
  • Exceptional user interface design, and
  • Best in class programming and database architecting

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