We engaged Second Street to help us with the redesign of our on-line booking tool (MacNairport) portal. This is where we really saw the technical depth that they bring to the table. This portal is a one-of-a-kind wrapper around four travel-related, competing technologies. The effort to work through the complex integration issues and continuing support we enjoy, as we are putting the finishing touches, on this project are great. I'd say, if you are looking for some steak with your sizzle, go with Second Street.

Greg Altieri
Chief Operating Office
MacNair Travel Management

E-Commerce & E-Biz

Third Party Integration

Whether it's reservation software, E-commerce checkouts, or group calendars, there are a wealth of other sites just waiting to help you extend your web capabilities. Here are just a few examples that Second Street has implemented for our clients:

  • Inn at Westwood Farm: A reservation system to allow online reservations.
  • MacNairPort.com: Two online systems: one for setting up travel preferences (type of food, cars, hotels etc), the other for applying those preferences to trips.
  • Analytical Investing: User interface over a secure, encrypted connection to Authorize.net to complete online purchases.

We can help you answer these questions...

  1. Will this software solve my business problem?

    The devil is in the details. Often you need to dissect a problem, and lay it next to a set of features. Occasionally that is still not enough. Sometimes you need to get on the phone and talk to the product experts. With years of this type of integration experience, we can talk the talk and answer this question before you invest in a solution.

  2. How seamlessly will it work with my site?

    Seamless is a very popular word. Seamless usually implies: (1) the site visitor leaves your site and hardly notices, and (2) the look and feel of your site carries over to the site you travel to. However, seamlessness is in the eye of the beholder. The presentation at the supporting site can range from only showing your logo on a page, or a very limited likeness to your site, to effecting all your graphics and style sheets, thus having a strong likeness to the look and feel of your site.

    The level of seamlessness can affect your decision to pay rent for someone else's solution or to spend the money to customize your own solution and pay only once.

  3. How does it integrate with my site? Can you help me pick from many options?

    Every third party vendor will say: Integration is a piece of cake! AND We co-brand! No one will even know they've left your site!

    Second Street can read the specs, perform cost benefit analysis, and clarify how easy or difficult the integration will be. We can clarify how comprehensive the co-branding is. If we cannot find the information on the vendor sites, Second Street can talk to the vendors on your behalf. We can talk the talk. Cost is often not the differentiator. Value is often a measure of the quaility of the documentation and the customer support.

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