1. This is the way it always is


  1. The Old Guard

    Charleeze Theron Kicks Butt

  2. The Graduate

    Stands the test of time. Great Music.

  3. Hitch

    Can watch 100 times. Matchmaker Will Smith. Funny & uplifting.

  4. The Fugitive

    Harrison Ford. Suspense. Never gets old.

  5. What Lies Beneath

    Harrison again. Michelle Pfieffer, Scarry.

  6. Walk the Line

    Johnny Cash story. Love story. Never heard Johnny the same way again.

  7. Castaway

    Tom Hanks stuck on an island.

  8. Practical Magic

    Witches, romance, suspense.

  9. Everafter

    Love story. Drew Barrymore as Cinderella.


Streaming Series

  1. The Tunnel

    British / French Crime. Quirky detectives. 3 yummy seasons.

  2. Goliath

    Billy Bob Thorton is troubled detective. Season 2 a little dark. Season 3 great.

  3. The Leftovers

    Suspense. Aftermath when 10% of the world population vanishes, and how “society” re-forms.