Zoom: Tuesday Thursday 7:30AM Eastern Time

Participants click to join: Enter passcode 946377

  • Be on Time (or early, to the best of your ability)
  • Stay Muted when not sharing

Magically, a leader will appear. If a lead does not appear, and you need a script to lead the meeting, you can get it by CLICKING HERE

Tuesday Big Book

Click Here to Access Big Book Online

The meeting lead will announce the page location. The meeting starts with a few paragraphs from How it Works, followed by picking up where the group last left off in the book.

Thursday: Selected Recovery Literature

Presently Reading:

A Woman’s Way Through the Twelve Steps

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Contribute: We Are Self Supporting

No Winers contributes to supporting AA organizations quarterly or bi-annually (Treasurer’s preference). Contributions cover our zoom expenses and when possible, allow us to buy books for newcomers.

To streamline the work of the treasurer, we prefer that contributions are made through Venmo. The present Venmo account is:


If you wish to contribute by mailing a check, please contact our treasurer for her mailing address.

Relate You Shares to Your Program of Recovery

Keep Your Share to 2-3 Minutes

It is our tradition to try and allow everyone to share. Small meetings may allow for flexibility.

1-2-3 to Remove Zoom-Bombers (Must be Meeting Host or Co-Host)

1. Suspend Participant Activities

This locks the meeting, shuts off all videos, mutes everyone, and freezes the windows so the bomber accounts stop jumping around. Then the host can remove the offenders and report them. The host is not muted, so she can tell the meeting what she is doing while they wait in the “blackout.”

2. Remove Bomber

Hover over the offending bomber’s picture, or in the participant list, until the 3 dots appear. Click on the 3 dots and select Remove.

3. Resume Meeting

From the security menu, uncheck Lock Meeting, Enable Waiting Room, and uncheck Hide Profile Pictures. Announce to the group that they may now enable their videos.