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Why Hire a Copyist?

Few can afford a museum quality masterpiece. However, you may love the beauty, richness, excitement and texture of an original oil painting. Or you may own a famous piece of artwork, but for insurance reasons need to keep it safeguarded, but would like a copy for your personal viewing. These are the two of the most common reasons for hiring a copyist.


Prized copies are done by master copyists. Pam Jarrett, Master Copyist, spent a decade perfecting this art at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. While there, she produced the paintings found in her  Gallery.

How it Works

Every copy has varying degrees of complexity. Pam manages each project with careful attention to detail which is outlined below.

Procure Color True Copy

Images of paintings are available everywhere on the internet. However, capturing the true color of the original is a job that is best left to a gallery. Pam will contact the gallery or museum where the painting is exhibited to purchase a high quality print to use for color reference. These prints are likely to show defined brush strokes.

Verify Project Parameters

The client will provide the desired dimensions of the painting and Pam will provide the price and the time estimate for completion. A 50% deposit will be made at the start of the project and 50% will be required before shipping.

Painting Process

Status reports and photos can be provided throughout the duration of the project. Prices for a copy of a masterpiece are based on complexity and size and range between Euro 1,500 and Euro 20,000.

Export and Shipping

Shipping costs are to be borne by the client. Artwork being exported from Italy must be approved by the Ministry of Export and Pam is experienced in coordinating this process with the shipper.


Commission of Original Work

Portraits Still Lifes

Portraits, Still Lifes, Landscapes

Pam also paints Portraits, Still Lifes, Landscapes and Vanitas (a symbolic portrait depicting a person by the presentation of various material objects).


A complete gallery of her works can be seen at:


Please contact Pam to discuss your painting.